Q) What do I need to do to start selling my artwork on

  • We’re thrilled that you’d like to sell your work on! In order to get started, you will first need to create an artist account and then upload the latest images of your works along with your profile with other details. Once yourworks approved, and you’re all set!

Q) Can anyone sell on

  • supports the work of all young artists. If you are at least 18 years of age, then you can sell your art on

Q) What can I sell on

  • provides a platform for artists to sell works in a variety of mediums, including painting, photography, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, mixed media, limited edition prints and installation.

Q) What are the file requirements for artwork images?

  • Your image must be:
    • JPEG file
    • At least 1200 pixels x 1500 pixels
    • Less than 50MB
    • Good quality images without frames and properly cropped images. will not accept images which are blur, with frames and unevenly cropped.

Q) How do I price my artwork?

  • Pricing your originals appropriately is critical to selling your work. As an artist, you should always be prepared to explain how and why you have arrived at your prices. Therefore, it’s very important to adopt consistent, fact-based pricing principles and methods.

Q) How do I get paid?

  • The artist would be intimated of the sale within three days of the completion of the transaction. The artist will have to immediately send the work along with his invoice and authenticity certificate to for making a delivery to the buyer. would release the payment for the works within 45 days of sale.

Q) Will your curation team select works from an artist's portfolio?

  • Individualsinvestors and businesses - hotel chains, corporates, interior decorators and hospitals.

Q) Can artists outside of India also register on

  • Yes, an artist from anywhere in the world can register. However, you will have to send the artwork to our Delhi office once it's sold. If you are an International artist, you may please write to and we will surely support you in every way possible.

Q) If I register on, can I also register elsewhere?

  • Yes, you can register elsewhere also, but will have to make sure that the artwork that is listed on is not shown anywhere else for 4 months from the time you agree to the terms and conditions.

Q) How many Artworks can I upload at a given time?

  • You can upload up to 5 to 6artworks at a time. You will get an option to upload more if any of them is sold. Also, can choose to increase or decrease the number of artworks you can upload at any time.

Q) What will you do to sell my artworks?

  • We at believe in equal opportunity for all artists. Our curators and art advisors will provide their feedback on price and other aspects of the artwork. We also market your artwork online through the various marketing mediums available. Our objective is to ensure that the right art reaches the right set of collectors and curators worldwide.

Q) What happens if the work is not sold?

  • We want to maintain freshness on the portal. To provide equal opportunity to all artists, the artworks uploaded will be live only for 4 months on the website. If not sold within 6 months, they will be removed from the website. To keep them active, we request you to update the works before 4 months. A notification will be sent to you accordingly.

Q) How do I know if my artwork is sold?

  •, sends a notification to the artists through email if any work is sold online. Our art advisory team will also contact you to inform you and take your details. Please make sure that your details like email id, address and phone numbers are always updated on the website.

Q) How do I send the work to you? Is there a timeline for this?

  • You can send the work in a roll/frame to our Delhi address. The work should be shipped out within 24 hours of receiving the notification of sale. Please ensure you don't miss the timeline as this might affect customer relations and in turn future sales.