Nobody wants to buy duplicate work of art. Everybody wants to own original pieces whether it is a painting, drawing, sketch or a photograph. The best way to know if you are buying an original piece of work is to ask for authenticity certificate or any document proving that. No doubt, original work fetches money but one should not look at it as a piece of diamond or gold. Art should always be visually appealing and one should not calculate the value." - P.R. Daroz, Ceramic artist A single original artwork at home is worth more than many replicas and prints. Or so goes the common catchphrase when it comes to investing in original works: be it a painting, drawing, sketching, photograph or a sculpture. And original work will always have more aesthetic value and appeal than reprints. It will enhance the overall look and feel of your home.

A piece of original work can also be the dominant or central piece in your home to add that extra edge and character. Before you venture out to buy one, decide on what you want. Research and take sound advice from trusted people in the know. You will discover, as you embark on a journey to procure your choice of work, that it is a fulfilling one. When you find it, you will treasure it and associate memories with the piece that it becomes a part of your sentimental property.

Owning an original work does add to your joy in giving you a sense of inner satisfaction. Besides, it creates and lifts the mood radiating a lot of warmth. Begin with one and enjoy as the number grows gradually with time. The original piece in your home is also a reflection of your taste. It speaks about you in many ways allowing others to form an opinion. It can also bond you with common art lovers. Sometimes a piece or work can be a talking point or an icebreaker during get-togethers. Though owning an original piece of work is not necessarily about fortune. In fact, you need not splurge on masterpieces straightaway. Begin with affordable originals from young artists that are nonetheless beautiful. Look for details in the work and understand the depth of it and go for it.