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Corporate Offices

Original artworks and sculptures are adorning offices and workplaces in multi-national corporations and business houses. There is a growing demand for original art in the hospitality industry and with interior designers as well. Art and artworks make a good impression with guests and visiting delegates. It enriches the work environment and opens a scope of new possibilities by bringing out a positive attitude in employees and employers alike by generating a deeper understanding of the world around them.

Of late, not only big corporate houses but even small to medium-sized companies are stepping into the marketplace of original paintings and sculptures for display at workplaces.
A fresh and original piece of art or sculpture can be the talk of the office and seemingly, bring about a pleasant working environment and ambiance for staff and visitors alike. It also appeals to the imagination and sets those creative juices flowing, while reinforcing the corporate identity. has an extensive choice of artworks and sculptures for hundreds of small and medium-sized industries, and big corporates to choose from, which can be displayed at receptions, corridors of office areas, boardrooms etc.

Hospitality Industry has a range of artists and artworks that may suit the requirements of prominent hotel chains, restaurants, bars, lounges, and pubs. Understanding the need for these sectors to create the right ambiance and mood, the online gallery has a collection of work in a wide range of mediums including photography, painting, sculpture, sketches, and drawings for different budgets. A beautiful piece of work adds character to a property and also enhances the overall look and feel of a place. A well-chosen painting, sculpture or a mural add a dash of new life to a refurbished room, lobby or a neglected corner. Apart from enhancing the overall quality of an establishment, these works of art lend an air of glamour and timeless beauty.


Healthcare Industry

Scientific studies have proven that art heals by changing a person’s physiology and attitude. The field of art therapy is realizing that artistic expressions in whatever form be it painting, sculptures photography can be a powerful means of transformation and emotional, physical and spiritual healing. Healthcare units like hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, diagnostic centers and therapy rooms can rely on appropriate artwork from the range of collection available with to create the right mood and send the right message to patients and staff.

InteriorDesigners&Architects serves as a convenient platform for interior designers and architects to pick artworks including paintings, photographs, and sculptures that cater to different themes and layouts for their discerning clients. There is a provision to see the specific size, dimension and orientation of each work making it easy and convenient while planning a tentative design for a client.