Buy a piece(s) of artwork from with absolute confidence. If you order a piece(s) of art from us and find your chosen artwork not entirely satisfactory upon delivery, we offer a 7 day exchange offer from the date of delivery on your receipt.

Simply return your chosen artwork back to us in the same condition as it arrived. The Exchange policy is applicable only on another piece(s) of work of the same artist. Please note that the client or the buyer is liable for the cost of shipping.

The artworks are sold on no return/no refund basis.

As stated earlier, the exchange policy will exclude shipping costs. The cost of exchanging the artworks will be your responsibility. When returning the item for exchange, you must ensure that the goods are not damaged or lost in the transit. We will not accept returns that have been damaged post-delivery. If there are damages, then the goods will be returned to the buyer/client at their own expense.

Return Process

To exchange a piece(s) of art, please log on to the website within 7 days of delivery and use a contact form to request an exchange authorization with the mention of other piece(s) of the art of the same artist.Upon the approval of your return request, a confirmation mail will be sent across to you with a confirmation code and the return will not accept any returns if the buyer takes more than 7 days, after delivery, to return the order to the seller.Please note that buyer pays for shipment and insurance both ways. For international orders for exchange, please contact us for the documentation required for return of works.

Return Address

The piece(s) of art needs to be returned in its original condition and undamaged at the following address.
S-221 Panchsheel Park
New Delhi