Artstop.in is India’s leading online gallery of contemporary Indian art. Supported by Aliana Art Advisory, powered by Art Alive Gallery, the site aims to create a platform for these emerging talents and their diverse works that are sometimes experimental, rare, unconventional, non-conformists while being fresh and visually and aesthetically appealing. For private collectors and buyers, the site will serve as an online gallery offering art at affordable an price.

We nurture and promote young and emerging talents from all across the country and provide an inviting destination for art enthusiasts to appreciate original art online.

Artstop.in boasts of a large collection of artwork from emerging artists showcasing the entire gamut of fine arts – Paintings, Mix Media, Sculpture, Photography, Digital Prints, Installations, Lithographs etc. The online gallery provides a platform for innovative, challenging, imaginatively provocative and experimental art.

We stock an extensive range of cutting-edge artworks which meets the highest standards to suit individual tastes and requirements, and also commission artworks for both private and corporate collections. Clients can procure artworks directly from the website.

Artstop.in has a global audience and distributes worldwide. If you want to keep an original work of art for yourself, or present as a gift or put it up to adorn your office or workplace, you can reach out to us from anywhere across the globe.

Artstop.in caters to art enthusiasts and collectors from all walks of life. We have a special and original piece(s) of art for any occasion, individual or even a corporate body as a whole, including:

    • Corporate Buyers

Corporations and businesses alike are increasingly purchasing original artworks. There is a growing demand for original art in the hospitality industry, hotel chains and with interior designers. Get the best bargains to improve your business image and make an impression on visitors and shareholders alike by registering and buying artworks at Artstop.in.

    • Gift a work of Art

Gift a work of art to celebrate an occasion like a birthday, anniversary, wedding or any other auspicious day. Art is an impressive personal purchase and makes a strong statement of your filtered tastes. A work of art is also a memorable gift for someone to remember you by.

    • Art as a Corporate Gift

Artstop.in makes corporate gifting a pleasure for both the giver and the recipient. Rewarding an exceptional worker, showing appreciation to a valued client, farewell or co-worker retiring occasions; there are many reasons to hand out a corporate gift.

Artstop.in was created with the sole intention to bring original artworks to art enthusiasts all over the world. Support Artstop.in, acquire art which has the potential to be a valuable investment and keep abreast of the progress of these artists on our website.

For further information on any artwork you see on the website, Please visit the contact us section.

Please note that all artworks on the website are subject to worldwide copyright and cannot be copied, reproduced or distributed, in any form or style without written permission.