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  1. INR 9,000 and above
  1. Kangana Vohra
  1. 12 X 12 Inches
  1. Contemporary
  1. Acrylic on Canvas

Traditional Art

Be it folk art or tribal art, Artstop hosts a wide collection of traditional artwork on its platform.India as a country is known for its wide diversity which includes people from different ethnicities, traditions, cultures and norms. Traditional art is art that is part of a culture of a certain group of people, with skills and knowledge passed down through generations from masters to apprentices.

Artstop boasts of a wide collection including popular Indian traditional art styles likeWarli from the West, Kalighat Paintings or Pattachittras from Eastern states of Bengal and Odisha or the famous Madhubani style of painting from Bihar. The myriad cultures of India are captured through these traditional art forms. Artstop brings to you the opportunity to buy original traditional paintings, sourcing it right from the heart of the country. These original Indian traditional paintings can brighten up any room and make it feel like home. Getting your hands on a traditional piece of art is a great way to connect to your origins.Artstop will help you make your house a home and connect you to your roots. Looking to buy traditional arts? Artstop is your one-stop solution to all your traditional artwork needs, explore now!


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  1. Sacral Chakra

    Sacral Chakra

    INR 9,000
  2. Root Chakra

    Root Chakra

    INR 9,000
  3. Crown Chakra

    Crown Chakra

    INR 9,000
  4. Heart Chakra

    Heart Chakra

    INR 9,000
  5. Third Eye Chakra

    Third Eye Chakra

    INR 9,000
  6. Solar Plexus

    Solar Plexus

    INR 9,000

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6 Item(s)