The working mantra for all those art enthusiasts aspiring to invade into the world of art appreciation consists - Instinct and Interest. While your instinct would drive you to what you like and develop your taste in art, the interest would make you discover and learn more about the world of art.

Start looking at the first step into the world for art, you have to make sure you start seeing a lot of works of art. Visit a lot of art galleries and exhibitions to expose yourself to all sorts of styles and medium. Make an attempt to understand the techniques, strokes, textures, and colors in all works of art - be it paintings, photographs or sculptures. Take interest in what strikes your fancy and then try to figure out why. Was it the contrast in colors or was it the brush strokes? Was it the impressionist character or the abstract depiction that you liked? Identifying this will roughly outline your taste in art.

Get acquainted with further develop your taste, you have to start reading a lot of art related books and magazines. Get into the habit of following art columns in the newspapers and comments from the critics on the various exhibitions you visit. Always, as a rule, pick up biographies, booklets, and brochures of the artists whose works you view to know more about him, his works, his influences and his style. This will help you establish the relationship between the artist and his work. The themes they work on, the medium they use and their imagination as depicted in their artwork - all this can be easily and clearly understood from the life and works of an artist.

Talk to the experts It is also important to share your thoughts and views with other art enthusiasts. Create your own art community and discuss various artists and their works. Talking to the owner and manager of the galleries always helps in enhancing your insight since they have a wider knowledge of the art world and the market. Private curators have a good knowledge of different styles and forms as well and they usually love to advise potential investors on art.