There is an element of freshness that artstop bring along in their works. And many of our listed artists are award winners who have exhibited their works in various shows in and around the country. Their ideas are original, innovative, experimental and at times quirky and provocative. Nonetheless, when these ideas are manifested either on canvas or in any form, an array of interesting work is born.

All artists in the panel come from a diverse cultural background adding color, vigor, and substance to their work. In fact, it is their cultural background that serves as a catalyst in influencing their work as you see works inspired by the rural hamlet of Kerala, Bihar, Orissa, Calcutta, Baroda and more. Interestingly, some of them pursue global subject from a local perspective and giving an interesting spin. Each of them has a distinct method and pattern of interpreting their work which in turn defines their own style. They are not afraid to try new methods and thereby bring to the fore many new perspectives of images and visual be it captured on lenses, painted, sculpted, drawn or sketched.

They are able to capture memories of the industrial urban landscape, moments of people and places with the essence of newness in their effort thereby reflecting enthusiasm and energy. Their body of works, undoubtedly, is, therefore, extremely rich and inspiring. You find a series of work that comprises of richly narrative style in different mediums like mixed medium paintings that are simply layered with graphics for that visual appeal. Their choice of materials to speaks volumes about the enormous possibility of experimentation. There is paper, charcoal, acrylic watercolor, dry pastel, wood, bamboo, jute, steel, ceramic, mud, stone.

They work on different themes capturing vivid images whether in canvas, forms or moments. While some artists draw inspiration from Indian miniature paintings and even graphics of comic books, there are some, drawn by western masters like Leonardo Da Vinci and Piero Della Francesca who studied conventional perspective in great depth. And in their work, you see how they have laid emphasis to perspective both in the perceptual sense of the word as well as in the sense of the"perspective of the artist."Their works drive home a point that art is the minute observation of forms, shapes, and colors.

Most of the listed artists are names that may not be heard along the corridors of galleries but nonetheless they are promising names of tomorrow. Each one of them is different and surging towards establishing an independent voice and name. Some of them follow untrodden paths making their work stand out. And you never know, if what you invest today can fetch you a fortune tomorrow.